Dutch Thermoplastic Components krijgt 2de CMS Ares machine

2 januari 2012

DTC is a custom moulder of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic polymer (CFRTP) components. Manufactured products are used in many structural applications where low weight and high strength are crucial. Using a short cycle thermoforming process, we mould fabric and tape reinforced thermoplastics into 3D components at a high production rate.

90% of the customers are found in the aerospace industry, where our thermoplastic composite components are typically used as small load carrying elements in primary aerostructures. DTC is accredited to AS9100 quality standards within the aviation industry. DTC also has several accreditations for specific customer-oriented processes, including quality assurance through non-destructive testing. Since September 2009, DTC settled on the MAC3PARK ‘Creative Campus’ in Almere.