CMS voor Fisheye Cross media production house

13 mei 2016

  • Your splendid new project, new product needs visualization to convince colleagues and visitors.
  • You're looking for an audiovisual installation, a striking scenery, a bespoke luminous object Build attractively, safe and delivered turnkey at your doorstep in no time.

For us it's clear: you'd better call in an expert partner who understands your needs and also develops your ideas, custom and creative. Whether digital or physical, you require a production house.

Enter Fisheye: the cross-media production house.

Since 2004, Fisheye has been creating things that can't be found on Google. A Fisheye lens offers a wide view on the world, wider than a regular lens can. After 11 years, it is still the best metaphor explaining our approach. We use both physical and digital techniques to tell your story. Big or small.

Over the past ten years, our knowhow grew steadily. Video production became immersive storytelling Dcors became interactive installations Today, Fisheye offers a wide range of services to shape your idea. The combination of these translates into cross-media projects.

The main benefit of working with Fisheye is our 100% inhouse production facility. Fisheye can be seen as a breeding ground where people of all sorts and backgrounds can harvest their ideas. When those 15 experts are challenged in their creativity, that's when things get interesting! At the same time, each project is given its single point of contact who follows up on all communication with you.

Our new headquarters stimulate the conception of out of the box ideas and integration of new technologies. We believe you can make the difference by combining all available media channels simply by asking the right questions and by understanding the links, as with the pencil and the analog audio tape,